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Refund Policy

ESOFT Metro Campus (Pvt) Ltd has adopted the following refund policy with respect to refunds for fee-paying students studying in the entire ESOFT Branch Network. ESOFT may refund any fees paid to ESOFT only under special circumstances. Such circumstances include those that are beyond the control of the student and / or ESOFT. Any refund requests will be considered only under the following criteria:

Category A: Failure by ESOFT to offer the course as advertised

A1. ESOFT has discontinued the programme at customer’s registered branch

A2. ESOFT has decided not to commence the scheduled batch

A3. ESOFT has postponed the commencement of the batch the customer registered for, and the customer does not agree to wait.

A4. ESOFT has significantly changed the schedule of the batch that the customer registered for, and the customer cannot attend classes.

Category B: Customer reverses the decision to pursue the course. Refund claims under this clause are acceptable only if such request is made in writing, prior to the scheduled commencement of the course. Evidence will be required to support the claim.

B1. Customer’s work schedule is clashing with the class schedule.

Category C: Medical reasons

C1. Customer is unable to continue the course due to personal medical reasons of a serious nature, or due to medical reasons of a serious nature of the supporting guardian / parent.

C2. Death of the customer or the guardian / parent.

Important Notes:

    1. Refund requests under category A must be made prior to commencement or within 14 days of commencement.
    2. Refund requests under category A will be processed in full. i.e. 100% of the payment, provided that the student has not attended any of the classes.
    3. Refund requests under category B which are received AFTER commencement will be considered at the discretion of the Governing Board, and will not receive a full refund. Instead, a partial refund may be considered.
    4. Refunds processed under category B will incur a processing fee of 10% of the amount paid to ESOFT subject to a maximum of Rs. 10,000.
    5. Refund requests under category C will require evidence in the form of medical records / reports (confidentiality will be maintained)
    6. For refunds processed under category C, the refund amount will be determined by the Governing Board of ESOFT.
    7. Requests for refunds giving migration as the reason will NOT be considered. Migration takes months of planning, and the student should carefully consider whether or not to register at ESOFT. Anyone with migration plans should NOT do a full payment of course fees.
    8. For all categories, Fees paid to external awarding bodies (Pearson, University Partners, etc.) and taxes paid to local authorities cannot be refunded, as this is beyond the control of ESOFT Metro Campus.


    1. A request for a refund of programme fees must be submitted in writing (please use the Refund Request form) by the student and / or the guardian wishing to obtain the refund.
    2. A refund will be granted according to the clauses in the refund policy of ESOFT Metro Campus. Any request that falls outside of this policy will be referred to the officer-in-charge of Student Affairs for consideration and the final decision will be taken by the Chief Operating Officer, as to whether it can be presented to the Governing Board of ESOFT for their final decision.


    1. Refunds (if any) will be made within four to six weeks upon receiving a completed refund application.
    2. Refund payments will be made only in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR)
    3. Refund payments will be made by cheque, and will be made out in the name of the registered student or the relevant guardian. Payments will not be released to third parties.

Submit your refund request to:
Examination Department
EOSFT Metro Campus (Pvt) Ltd
# 03, De Fonseka Place,
Colombo – 04.