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Is the Pearson BTEC HND the wisest choice when you’re selecting courses after A/L’s?

Have you completed you’re A/L’s? And wondering about selecting the best courses after A/L’s?

Pearson BTEC HND programmes are the best job-oriented courses for students in Sri Lanka, and this article will reveal the significant factors you should consider when selecting a course to advance your career at an affordable, yet high-quality higher education.

Be it receiving the most suitable higher education in Sri Lanka, gathering skills for immediate employment, or building the right foundation to complete higher education overseas all whilst saving time and money – Pearson BTEC HND programmes are a wise choice with proven reasons!

What should be the next step for students After A/L exams?

This is the time many parents start worrying about their child’s higher education and most importantly finding the right one. Most parents believe that directing their children toward job-oriented courses is the best option, while others believe that sending their children to expensive overseas universities is the only option. The annual cost of education in Britain is about £9000 to £12000 (LKR 4 to 5 Million) and AUD30,000-40,000 (LKR 5-6 Million) in Australia. This is not the solution! 

Considering many important factors such as learning time, cost, experience, flexibility, university recognition and employability, The Pearson BTEC HND programme is recommended as the first step for school leavers.

What is the PEARSON HND programme?

Pearson BTEC HND programmes of 18-24 months cover a vast scope of study including BTEC HND’s in Computing, in Business Management, in Engineering, in Hospitality Management and in Travel & Tourism Management. The programme offers a solid grounding to the respective field of study whilst preparing the student with the right skill set and knowledge to compete in the job market. The programme is designed by eminent academia and industry experts with updated syllabus content ensuring the students receive sound theoretical, practical, and analytical knowledge.

Why should Pearson BTEC HND be prioritized when considering courses after A/Ls?

In the event the student doesn’t successfully pass the GCE A/L exam or doesn’t receive a place in the local university, the recognized Pearson HND programme is the way to go as a sound programme that makes the student eligible for higher education in their chosen field. The course serves three main purposes such as providing a complete higher education learning experience in the comfort of Sri Lanka, developing practical skills, and applying for immediate employment and building a solid foundation for overseas further education.  Most importantly, the HND programme empowers students to follow their dream whilst saving time and money!

The programme also builds a very strong base for students and professionals who wish to move on into the business areas and workplace. It is the path for workplace destinations, valuable connections, business opportunities and further education.

A Higher National Diploma (HND) is a level 5 professional qualification with 240 credits earned over 18 to 24 months – making it a clear winner over a foundation course. The curriculum of the Pearson HND programme is mostly assignment based with practical sessions and no examinations. This allows students to enjoy the learning process with no exam pressure and the knowledge gained from assignments can be applied to solve real-world problems and take on corporate challenges.

The end goal of the Pearson HND programme is not to create highly theoretical individuals produced from typical examinations, but to empower aspiring students in becoming successful, multi-faceted and competent professionals who can add value to their chosen field of work.

If you’re looking for courses after A/L’s to gather skills for immediate employment or build the right foundation to complete higher education overseas all whilst saving time and money – Pearson BTEC HND programmes are the wisest choice.

Take that wisest choice and start your journey today!

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