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ESOFT Smart Internz Guided Project

ESOFT Metro Campus offers ‘Smart Internz – Guided Project’, a platform which gives hands on training in industry level projects, exclusively for ESOFT students.

In collaboration with ‘TheSmartBridge’, an internationally accredited IT company, it was launched to give the best learning experience by bridging the gap between academics and industries.

‘Smart Internz’ is a global platform of academia and corporate, giving a complete training of transforming the knowledge into work experience via Guided Projects and Externship programmes.

The key benefits of ‘Smart Internz -Guided Projects’ include the experience in a work like environment, learning the job relevant skills while building echelon and cracking internships.

This provides not only the project experience but also a verifiable project completion certificate along with the details of the project. The students are privileged to earn ‘Experience Badges’ to level-up the profile and to secure exciting internships. The mentors of ‘Smart Internz’ are always ready to provide recommendation to the learners for further learning journey and career planning. The ‘Skill Index’ allocated to each project supports students to build and maintain a great profile.

ESOFT is breaking new grounds in the education sector with its prominence on extending comprehensive learning experience, committing to the paradigm of ESOFT ‘Shaping lives, Creating futures.’

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