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ESOFT Metro Campus and Melsta Hospitals inked MOU

With the goal of giving Sri Lankans improved access to top-notch medical care, Melsta Hospitals, one of the industry’s major players, has partnered with ESOFT Metro Campus to provide internship opportunities to its students who have completed the Pearson BTEC in Bio Medical Engineering.

This Memorandum of Understanding between Melsta Hospitals and ESOFT was signed on August 19, 2022 at Campus One in the presence of senior delegates from Melsta Hospitals and ESOFT in order to implement ESOFT’s project.

The MOU signed with Melsta Hospitals is one of ESOFT’s most recent projects as an academic centre of excellence. It is intended to enhance collaboration amongst sector partners in terms of hiring entry-level workers and bringing in new residents. In order to assist them to develop their finest traits and capacities and become tomorrow’s professionals to withstand the difficulties of the corporate environment, this serves as a bridge between the academic and business worlds.

The students at the ESOFT Metro campus will benefit greatly from this bilateral cooperation between ESOFT and Melsta Hospitals by gaining valuable experience and professional recognition.

Melsta Hospitals, a fully owned subsidiary of Melstacorp PLC which joined the health sector in 2017 with the goal of providing Sri Lankans with improved access to world-class health-care services, owns and runs a number of best-in-class facilities that focus on offering cutting-edge healthcare that is accessible and integrated. As a premier supplier of individualized, high-quality healthcare, Melsta Health now includes the renowned Joseph Frasor Memorial Hospital, Melsta Laboratories, and Melsta Hospitals Ragama. Most recently, Melsta Health unveiled Melsta Pharmacy, a new business endeavour that uses the newest technologies. Students from ESOFT who are enrolled in the BTEC Pearson Higher National Diploma in Bio Medical Engineering program will receive an internship from them for a six-month term.

Meanwhile, with 40 functioning locations around the island, ESOFT Metro Campus is Sri Lanka’s largest private sector higher education network. ESOFT has been recognized with the ISO 9001:2008 International Certificate for its high-quality education, which provides chances for over 30.000 students annually in the sectors of IT and Computing, Business Management, Hospitality Management, Engineering, Personal and Professional Development, Language Training, and Corporate Training. With the academic growth strategy, ESOFT will start offering the Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma in Bio Medical Engineering, which is granted by Pearson, the largest awarding body in the UK for academic and vocational qualifications. Pearson is also a benchmark for other awarding bodies across the world. Pearson UK recognises ESOFT as a platinum partner.

By providing the Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma in Bio Medical Engineering, which not only produces engineers but also engineers with industrial standards, ESOFT has decided to take the lead in this initiative in Sri Lanka. Biomedical engineers are important individuals in the healthcare services industry.

In his remarks at the collaboration ceremony, Mr. Zakir Saleem, Head of Bio Medical Engineering at ESOFT, stated, “after the Covid 19 Pandemic, not only in Sri Lanka, also Globally every country is putting their best effort and investment to strengthen their health care sector associating with modern technology. As members of ESOFT, we decided to take the first initiative for that in Sri Lanka by offering Bio Medical Engineering Education as a Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma in Bio Medical Engineering which not only produces an Engineer but produces an Engineer with Industrial Standards required for Healthcare Services. Biomedical Engineers are key personal in Healthcare services.”

CEO Melsta Health, remarked that “Technology is the key and Health becomes most important with human in present. There are huge career opportunities in health care sector for Bio Medical Engineers in both local and international health industries. The initiation taken up by ESOFT to become the pioneers in producing Bio Medical Engineers, is a commendable investment. Therefore, as Melsta Hospitals we are privileged to provide internship opportunities assuring productive internship experience at Melsta Hospitals.”

Chief Executive Officer of ESOFT Nishan Sembacuttiaratchy stated, “as Sri Lanka, now we are at a phase to shift our economic strategies from Apparel and Domestic Service to an Academic based knowledge economy. By seeing the potential on initiating Pearson BTEC HND in Bio Medical Engineering with Pearson who is the biggest awarding body in UK we are glad to say that we will be starting our first batch this year in September. ESOFT has been able to have a long partnership with Pearson which tells the quality of education ESOFT is providing. The doors for Pearson BTEC Bio Medical Engineering are not only opened for local students but also for the international students which makes us as a part of international education sector. In future, students will get the opportunity to study further up to bachelor’s and Maters in Bio Medical Engineering at ESOFT.”, closing the signing ceremony and thanking the senior representatives from Melsta Hospitals and ESOFT as well as the other participants.

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