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Certificate & Diploma Levels FREE

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Certificate & Diploma Levels FREE

Join via ESOFT Digital Campus APP

What is BCS HEQ?

HEQ is the higher education qualification programme from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, offering three modular study levels, each accredited by the UK government regulator, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL), with the highest examined at degree level. While not a requirement, it is recommended that those studying HEQ are working at International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Level 5.5 or above.

Why ESOFT is giving a FREE offer for BCS?

BCS HEQ (Professional Qualification) is ending in 2026. Having been the largest trainer for BCS we thought it is our Social Responsibility to open this to as many Sri Lankans as we can within this time frame.

With the aggravated brain-drain problem and the DigiEcon 2030 vision we all know that we need Tens and Thousands of Qualified IT Professionals fast. The BCS track is the fastest way to qualify as an IT Professional in a record time. One can complete a British Honours Degree in 18 months if you push hard by entering into a Topup Degree via the BCS Diploma.

This is the first step in your HEQ journey – the Certificate level focuses on three core modules and is comparable to the first year of a university degree. The Certificate in IT is for students looking to build a solid foundation for a career in IT and computing.

The 3 compulsory modules to complete Certificate in IT:

  1. Information Systems
  2. Software Development
  3. Computer and Network Technology

BCS Diploma in IT – comparable to the second year of a university degree (UK Level 5). To complete this level a student must complete 1 compulsory module and 3 optional modules based on your chosen career path and a project.

Compulsory Module:

Professional issues in IS practice.

Optional Modules offered at ESOFT:

  1. Database systems
  2. Object oriented programming systems
  3. Computer networking
  4. IT project management
  5. Principles of internet technologies
  6. Software engineering (part 1)
  7. Systems analysis and design
  8. Smart systems
  9. User experience
  10. Web application development

To be eligible to do a Top-up degree and complete Diploma in IT, you’ll need to complete a 5000-word professional IT project.

See the project guidance here: Click Here

Asked Questions

Examinations are held twice a year – in April and October

You need to become a BCS student member to sit for the examinations and you can register for the examinations via BCS website.

  • Student Membership – GBP 40 for 4 years
  • Certificate Module – GBP 45 per module
  • Diploma Level – GBP 50 per module
  • Diploma Level Project – GBP 75 for a submission

Enroll via ESOFT Digital Campus App & you will have access to all resources (Certificate & Diploma) FREE for 1 month.


Then you simply commit for a British Top up Degree at ESOFT with a nominal payment (Rs. 50,000) and you extend your access to learning resources until you finish your BCS upto the Diploma Level.

For all the Certificate modules and Diploma modules you will have access to slides, recorded lectures created by experts, and interactive activities to test your knowledge (for Certificate modules only).


In addition to this, you will also get exam support sessions conducted by experts via Zoom, closer to the exam sittings, mainly discussing past papers.


Please note that we don’t provide any support for Diploma level project and Professional Graduate Diploma level modules under this offer.

So why wait?

Download the ESOFT Metro Campus Mobile App and start learning now.