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Certificate in Web Application Design and Development

In this course, students will learn to create a web page using basic elements to control layout, style. and to create interactive web pages.

  • A beginner who wants to build a career as Web designer can take this course.


3 Months

Course Fee:



Rs. 8,000 + (Rs. 7,000 x 2)

  • Introduction to Design Templates
  • Graphics for Web
  • Web Programming Introduction
    • Architecture of a website
    • Different technologies in making the website
    • Web Development Introduction
  • HTML
    • Introduction to HTML
    • HTML Text Fundamental
    • HTML Multimedia Fundamental
    • HTML Tables
    • HTML Sectioning and Semantic design
    • HTML Form
  • CSS
    • Introduction to CSS
    • CSS Selectors
    • CSS Box model
    • CSS Useful Properties
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • WordPress
    • Install WordPress on PC
    • Introduction to WordPress dashboard
    • WordPress pages and posts
    • Creating custom menus
    • Understand plugins and themes
    • Protecting WordPress websites from hackers
    • Final WordPress website

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