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Diploma in Advanced Networking

In this course, we will discuss emerging networking techniques, including software-defined networking (SDN) and basic functions of virtualization. We will also discuss windows server configurations and OSI 7 layer based networking fundamentals.

The course will involve theory and practical hands-on work of networking fundamentals, designing, implementation, configuration and maintaining. Students will explore new ideas through projects, improve skills in presentations and enhance network critical thinking, systems and security of servers and clients in industry environments, with creativity. The class format will consist of lectures, student presentations, hands-on server configuration practicals, and class project presentations.

  • O/L and A/L students
  • University Students who seek network basic/intermediate/advanced knowledge
  • Working Professionals or those looking to shift to a career in windows advanced
  • Students who already have CISCO or other networking knowledge and wish to
    enhance their knowledge in Windows Server.
  • Any HND, B.Sc, BCS, MBA, M.Sc seekers in any path can join in as a bridging
  • Individuals who like to customise and cover knowledge gaps of networking


3 months

Course Fee:



Rs.10,000 + (Rs.7500 x 2)

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  • Enterprise level use and benefits of computer networking
  • IPv4 / IPv6 configurations with subnetting
  • Concept of data packet and data packet flow within network and internet
  • Analyzing and designing networks for small to enterprises level companies
  • Feasibility studies of computer networking
  • Wireless technologies and wireless data communications
  • Securing company network and security trust/privacy


  • Installation and configuration of server 2012/server 2016 active directory
  • DNS forward zones and reverse zone configurations with records
  • Converting work group to domain piratically with windows clients
  • Installation and configuration of active directory using power-shell
  • Installation and configuration of DHCP based on windows server
  • NTFS permissions and configurations using file server
  • Securing files using encrypting and importing/exporting of certificates

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