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Vision for Research

Over the past decade, the ESOFT Metro Campus’s research and developmental programmes have increased. This has been attributed to the rapid growth of the ESOFT Metro Campus that resulted in an increase in faculty members which, invariably, led to the establishment of new areas of study and research.


The ESOFT Metro Campus is currently involved in a broad area of research ranging from Environmental Sustainability to Robotics and from International Relations to Social Sciences. Faculty are encouraged to pursue research in all endeavors considered essential to our academic life. To help faculty achieve their potential, the ESOFT Metro Campus has further enhanced its research infrastructure composed of the ESOFT Metro Campus Research Committee, Research Ethics Committee, Faculty’ Research Committees, and the Research & Innovation Office.


In addition to the individual faculty member’s research activities, the ESOFT Metro Campus is affiliated with several research centers that focus on particular topics. The various centers enjoy a considerable degree of autonomy, including some that are totally autonomous but have academic working agreements with the ESOFT Metro Campus.


The ESOFT Metro Campus also maintains close ties with industry, business and society at large through a variety of institutions and through the hosting of conferences, round table discussions and symposiums. Through these affiliated institutions the ESOFT Metro Campus directly contributes to the development of the country and its citizens; helping all meet the increasing demands of globalization through innovation.


For a young institution, a mere 15 years old, the ESOFT Metro Campus is on the move! It is forward-looking, building on knowledge and innovation. The ESOFT Metro Campus, through the large variety of research projects it has been involved with, has been able to create an extensive local and international network of contacts. As such, a variety of funding agencies, from the local Research Promotion Foundation, to the European Union’s Framework programme have seen applications from researchers at the ESOFT Metro Campus fit for funding The ESOFT Metro Campus welcomes new collaborations, whether they are academic, business, or government networks, as these are the promise of the future as globalization shrinks distances and enlarges economies and opportunities.