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Special Dual Diploma Programme For Post O/ Level Students

Regardless of whether they choose to pursue Commerce, Science, Maths, Arts or Technology streams, young people today need a strong foundation in Information Technology, English and Soft Skills if they are to succeed at any profession. That is why ESOFT has designed a one-of-a-kind programme for post O/L students covering these essential life skills. Unfortunately, no other education provider in Sri Lanka currently offers a comparable course of study although these are the most critical skills which can determine a young person’s future. Over 10,000 students enrol in this programme each year while waiting for their O/L results which not only ensures an effective use of their time but also empowers them to succeed in future endeavours.

Our Special Dual Diploma Programme includes the following components:

Diploma in Information Technology (DiTEC)

DiTEC is one of the most popular entry-level, IT courses in the island. It assumes no prior knowledge of IT and ensures that students receive a comprehensive and practical foundation to the world of information technology by covering a diverse range of IT topics.


  • Unit 1 – IT Fundamentals
  • Unit 2 – Microsoft Office Applications
  • Unit 3 – PC Hardware
  • Unit 4 – Networking Essentials
  • Unit 5 – Internet, Email and Web Designing
  • Unit 6 – Graphics and Animation
  • Unit 7 – Software Engineering
  • Unit 8 – Programming with Java
  • Unit 9 – Programming with C#.Net
  • Unit 10 – Web Applications Development with ASP.Net
  • Unit 11 – Software Development Project


4 months

Standard Course fee

Rs. 26,500/=

Diploma in English (DiE)

DiE provides a solid grounding in the English language by helping students with a very basic knowledge of English language to improve and enhance the four main skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.


  • Present perfect (simple and continuous)
  • Possessive adjectives, Quantifiers,Determiners, Countable and uncountable nouns
  • Subject/object questions
  • Reported speech
  • Past perfect simple
  • Second Conditional
  • Linking words (basic discourse management)

Passive voice

  • Dependent prepositions
  • Infinitive / -ing form
  • Relative pronouns and clauses
  • Modals (probability, obligation, permission)
  • Indirect questions and question tags
  • Phrasal verbs and collocation Speech training, presentation skills, advanced vocabulary, reading , listening


4 months

Standard Course fee


Soft Skills and Personality Development Programme

This programme helps students transform into well-rounded individuals by focusing on their personality development through the enhancement of key soft skills such as public speaking, social etiquette, personal grooming, leadership and emotional intelligence.


4 Months

Course fee