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ESOFT Metro Campus International Journal – Volume 01


Group Managing Director’s Message p5
C.E.O’s Message p6
Academic Dean’s Message p7
Editor’s Column p8
Extended Embedding Capacity with Minimum Degradation of Stego Image PDF
Naveed Mustafa, Muhammad Bilal Iqbal Muhammad Asif and Abdul Jawad p9
Effectiveness of Governance and Accountability Mechanism for Local Governments in Sri Lanka – Interconnectivity Development Program PDF
M .M. Sarath Kumara p22
An Investigation of the Functions of Code Switching as an Instructional Strategy in Teachers’ Classroom Discourse at Tertiary Level PDF
W.I.Ekanayaka p34
Anthropogenic Impacts on Urban Coastal Lagoons in the Western and North-western Coastal Zones of Sri Lanka PDF
Jinadasa Katupotha p39
Sociological study on the success of the Activity Based Oral English PDF
L. G. N. Neththanjali Liyanage, D. G. Kanchana and M. G. L. Mahesh Premarathna p57
Perspectives on Inflationary Open Economies of Nigeria and Sri Lanka: Phillips Curve Framework PDF
Adeyi Emmanuel Ola p68
Krishi-Prabha: Digital Repository for Agricultural Research Scholar: A Study PDF
S.M.Rokade p85
A study on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and Performance of 1C Schools in Batticoloa District PDF
Mrs.Subathini Priyadharsan and Ms.S.Hareniya p95
Demographic profile of the Lois population of Manipur PDF
Kangabam Sonia Devi and Dr.Benrithung Murry p110
Sri Lankan Undergraduate’s Assertiveness towards e-shopping PDF
Shamitha Pathiratne p118
Garnering Information: World Wide Web as an instrument to develop self-governing research skills of Sri Lankan Students PDF
Shamitha Pathiratne p126
What is an Invention? A Critical Analysis on ‘Invention’ as Provided by the Intellectual Property Act of Sri Lanka PDF
H.A. MenakaHarankaha p140
Consumer Shopping Preference towards Organized Retailing in Bangladesh PDF
Robaka Shamsher p155
An econometric model between velocity of money and unemployment rate in Sri Lanka PDF
A.G.K.N.Alupotha, A.A.I.Perera and P.M.L.K.Karunaratne p180
Stakeholders’ Perception on Grade Five Scholarship Examination in Sri Lanka: A Case Study PDF
Shalika Sachithrani Perera and Chandana Kasturi Arachchi p185
The Impact of Globalization on Sri Lankan Foreign Trade PDF
Adeyi Emmanuel Ola and Oteikwu .A. Michael p198
Timely Delivery of 9 to 5 Branded Gents’ Trousers PDF
Nipuna Subasinghe p208
Empirical Study on Effective Brand Strategies and their Impact on SME Service Providers profitability & market share in Sri Lanka. PDF
Aluthgamage Hasintha, Sharmen Pemerathna p215
Impact on managerial awareness & attitude on implementing green marketing practices in consumer markets in Sri Lanka PDF
Aluthgamage Hasintha, Sharmen Pemerathna p230
Surfing the Internet- Your online data may be at a stake! : A Legal perspective PDF
W.A.D.J. Sumanadasa p248
The Effect of Women Entrepreneurial Characteristics for Successful Development of Brands PDF
Pamudya Sumanasekara p261
Develop a digitized Phoneme to Grapheme conversion model for Sinhala language PDF
P.H.V.R Karunananda p268
Temple Paintings Technology in Sri Lanka PDF
T.A.C.J.S.Bandara p280
Bureaucratic Paradigms and Customer Satisfaction in Formal Governmental Organizations of Sri Lanka PDF
Nelum Weerasekara p286
Determining the Suitability of E-learning approach to a Sri Lankan Higher Education Institute PDF
Reshan Liyanage p297

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