Oracle Certified Professional, Java Web Component Developer (OCPJWCD) IZ0-858

This is an Oracle certification for Web Application development using JSP/Servlet. Students are trained to develop and deploy full complete enterprise level Java web applications using Servlet and JSP technologies on Java EE 5. OCPJWCD is the industry reputed examination for Java Web Development.

  • Undergraduate
  • IT Professional

Duration :

60 Hours

Course Fee :

Rs.29500/- (All inclusive)

Installments :

Installment 1: 8,500/=
Installment 2: 7,000/=
Installment 3: 7,000/=
Installment 4: 7,000/=

Introduction to Web application development

    • Web Servers and Clients
    • HTTP protocol
    • HTTP GET and POST
    • HTTP requests and HTTP responses
    • Locating web pages using URLs

Apache Tomcat Web Server

    • Tomcat Installation
    • Start/Stop Tomcat Server
    • Tomcat User Configuration
    • Tomcat Server Configuration
    • Web Deployment using Tomcat

Web Application Development Architecture

    • MVC Architecture Introduction
    • (MVC) overview and example
    • JSP/Servlet Web App Development with MVC

Web Development with Servlet

    • Servlet initialization and threads
    • A servlet’s life in the Container
    • Http Servlet Request API
    • Http Servlet Response API
    • Request Dispatcher
    • Send Redirect

Attributes and Servlet Listeners

    • Init Parameters and Servlet Config
    • JSP get servlet init parameters?
    • Context init parameters
    • Comparing Servlet Config with Servlet Context
    • Servlet Context Listener
    • Compile, deploy, and test Servlet listener

Session Management

    • Session IDs, cookies, and other session basics
    • URL rewriting
    • Session migration
    • Session Listener Examples

Java Server Pages(JSP)

    • JSP Introduction
    • JSP Directives
    • JSP Expressions, Variables & Declaration
    • JSP Mechanism
    • JSP Implicit Objects
    • JSP Life Cycle & Initialization

Script Free Pages

    • Attributes are beans
    • Standard actions: useBean, getProperty, setProperty
    • Converting properties
    • Expression Language (EL)
    • Using the dot (.) operator
    • The EL implicit objects
    • EL functions

Java Standard Tag Library

    • JSTL Introduction
    • Looping without scripting
    • Conditional control with Custom Tags Parameters
    • Customer Tag Exception Handling
    • Tag Handler
    • Tag Libraries
    • Custom Tag
    • Classic tag handlers
    • Using the Page Context API for Tag Handlers

Deploying your web app

    • Introduction to Deployment Descriptor
    • Web Archive (WAR) files
    • Servlet mapping
    • Configuring welcome files in DD
    • Configuring error pages in the DD
    • Configuring servlet initialization in the DD
    • Making an XML-compliant JSP

Web Application Security

    • Web Application Risks
    • Authenticate in Web App
    • Implements security in web application
    • Authorization roles and constraints
    • Authentications
    • Data confidentiality and integrity

Web Application Filters

    • Building the request tracking filter
    • A filter’s life cycle
    • Declaring and ordering filters
    • Compressing output with a response-side filter
    • The real compression filter code

Enterprise design patterns

  • Hardware and software forces behind patterns
  • Review of software design principles
  • Patterns to support remote model components
  • Overview of JNDI and RMI
  • The Business Delegate
  • Business tier patterns
Student who are willing to become Java Web Application developer this course will be helpful for them.

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