HND in Computing And Systems Development

Accredited by Pearson International (previously known as Edexcel) to conduct the internationally recognised Pearson HND Programmes and acknowledged as the Fastest Growing Pearson Centre in 2012, ESOFT has also been recognised for developing portfolio and student numbers to the level of Gold Partner.

The cutting-edge curriculum of the HND in Computing and Systems Development is especially designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of students who wish to obtain a job oriented qualification and cater to the demands of the dynamic IT industry. ESOFT’s highly experienced HND lecture panel take great pride in creating a new generation of professionals who are ready to hit the ground running.

The HND in Computing and Systems Development also provides direct entry into the 3rd year of a BSc/BEng Honours Degree.

Job Scope :

  • Associate Software / QA Engineer
  • Junior Systems Analyst
  • IT Executive
  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Assistant Lecturer
  • Trainee Business Analyst
  • Trainee Network Administrator
  • Hardware Technician
  • A-Levels with 2 passes + Credit for English at O-Levels OR
  • O-Levels with Credit for English + Minimum of a recognised ICT Diploma (DiTec) of a duration of 4-6 months AND
  • Age should be at least 16 years

Advantages :

  • Globally recognised qualification
  • Equivalent to 1st and 2nd years of a UK Honours Degree
  • Direct entry into 3rd year of a Computing degree from London Met University – UK (UGC Approved)
  • Study with the only Pearson Gold Partner in Sri Lanka
  • Experienced Lecturer Panel
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Cutting edge curriculum catering to industry demand
  • No Exams – only assignments
  • Be competitive in the job market
  • Friendly and supportive learning environment

Duration :

  • Full Time – Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm – 18 Months
  • Part Time – Saturday and / or Sunday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm – 20 Months

Category 1 – Weekday

  • Part Payment : Rs.245,000 + Pearson Fee
  • Full Payment : 5% Discount from the course fee

Category 2 – Weekend

  • Part Payment : Rs.275,000 + Pearson Fee
  • Full Payment : 5% Discount from the course fee

Instalment Plans available

Semester 01

  • Computer Systems
    Explore the entire computer system using a practical approach and obtain sufficient knowledge to become a Hardware Technician in the future
  • System Analysis and Design
    Analyse organisational functional environments and implement systems using recognised methodologies
  • Procedural Programming
    Understand the basics of programming and build a strong foundation to become a software developer
  • Information Systems in Organizations
    Understand how to use information systems to enhance the management process in an organisation

Semester 02

  • Business Skills for e-Commerce
    Enhance your organisation’s distribution channel by implementing a secure e-commerce system like eBay
  • Web Application Development
    Implement the knowledge gained in “Business Skills for e-Commerce” and develop your own web application using the world’s top ranked language, PHP
  • Object Oriented Programming using C#.Net
    Learn Object Oriented Concepts and design patterns using the most popular software development language in the industry
  • Database Analysis and Design
    Obtain the knowledge and skills needed to design and implement a robust database system

Semester 03

  • Managing Projects
    Learn A to Z of Managing Projects in a practical manner and enhance your career progress
  • Employability and Professional Development
    While learning how to work with computers, also learn the art of working with humans as part of a team
  • Programming in .Net
    Another chance to build an attractive, secure website using the .NET Framework
  • Programming in Java
    Learn an industry-standard language which enables you to be a successful developer in a competitive industry

Semester 04

  • Networking Technologies
    Understand how data travels from source to destination and build functional and efficient computer networks

Option A – Advanced Software Development

  • Knowledge Based Systems
    Explore the magic of Artificial Intelligence to design and develop knowledge-based systems
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
    Explore the unseen secrets of what happens to Data during program execution.
  • Project Design Implementation and Evaluation
    Implement all the knowledge and skills learned to solve a practical problem foran established organisation by developing a working software system

Option B – Advanced networking technology

  • Local Area Networking Technologies
    Understand how to configure an organisation’s network and learn the skills of troubleshooting
  • Network Security
    Learn the techniques necessary to design, implement and manage network security solutions
  • Project Design Implementation and Evaluation
    Implement all the knowledge and skills learned to develop a functional network environment for an established organisation

Batch Schedule

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