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BIT Semester 1 – Online

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BIT is the most sought after yet cost-effective Academic Degree (External) Programme from the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) since the year 2000 in Sri Lanka.

ESOFT is Sri Lanka’s #1 BIT Trainer having produced the largest share of passed out graduates including 18+ first-class degree holders, 15+ Gold medalists and 7+ Batch Tops year after year.


  • School leavers After A/L`s (students who are waiting results can apply)
  • IT Practitioner’s looking for IT Degree
  • Those who wish IT as career path

Entry Requirements

    • C Passes for O/L Mathematics and English
    • 3 Passes for Advanced Level (in one sitting) OR
    • Successful completion of FIT-UCSC OR
    • Equivalent Qualifications + e-Selection Test

The minimum duration of the BIT degree programme will be 3 academic years.

Year 01- Diploma in Information Technology

Code Name Semester Credits GPA Credits
EN1106 Introductory Mathematics 1 2 _
IT1106 Information Systems 1 4 4
IT1206 Computer Systems 1 4 4
IT1306 Free and Open Source Software for Personal Computing 1 3 3
IT1406 Introduction to Programming 1 4 4


5 months

ESOFT Course Fee

Rs. 42,000
Payable as installments: Rs. 15,000 + (Rs. 9,000 x 3)


Awarded by University of Colombo School of Computing.

Assessment Method

Test,Assignment & Practical

Useful links

BIT Syllabus

Fees and Payment Methods

BIT Hand Book

BIT Programme is designed to:

  • Produce qualified ICT professionals in addition to the traditional University output
  • Set professional standards and encourage students to obtain skills in commercial ICT applications and in the usage of necessary tools
  • Enable those who could not enter the university to read for a degree in ICT due to severe competition to work towards obtaining such a degree
  • Give an opportunity to those non-graduates already working in ICT to obtain a formal qualification in ICT through self-study.

Batch Schedule

Batch Number Batch Description Commencement Date Day(s) Starts at Ends at