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Assured Diploma in Academic English

 Assured Diploma in Academic English-min

DiAE prepares students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in a university environment, and this course is carefully designed to enhance both accuracy and fluency skills that a student needs to function effectively and confidently in academic settings



8 months

Course Fee :

Rs. 28,000 (Inclusive of Pearson Fee)


Rs. 8,500 + (Rs. 6,500 x 3)

Attractive Group Discounts for University students


  • Referencing Skills
  • Note Taking Skills
  • Writing Academic Essays & Term Papers
  • Mechanics of Writing
  • Summarizing & Reformulation Techniques
  • Research Proposal Writing Skills
  • Interviewing and Data Collection Techniques
  • Vocabulary Building Techniques
  • English Grammar for Academic Purposes
  • Academic Presentation Techniques
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation Skills
  • Reading Comprehension Techniques
  • Pearson Assured Diploma in English at ESOFT with a score above 80 OR
  • Any other English qualification accepted by the English Faculty at ESOFT

NOTE: All students will be expected to sit for a Placement Test (Two hours) prior to Registration

Batch Schedule

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