Certificate in Spoken English

Spoken English is for any learners no matter young or adult, any professionals or even housewife who keen to practice their English conversation for everyday life situations.

Using English in Real Life Situation

  • At the Bank/ post office/ College office
  • At the Green Grocer
  • At the Temple
  • At the College Canteen or Restaurant
  • At the Police station
  • At the Railway Station/ Bus Station
  • At the Medical Shop
  • At the Library
  • Booking a Room in a Hotel
  • At the Travel Agency



  • For young and adult learners
  • To improve communicative competence of the learners
  • To enable the learners to converse in their life situations
  • To train the learners to use English for the practical purposes

Duration :

3 months

Training Mode :

Practical and interactive sessions

Fee :

Rs.16,000 (Installment plans available)

  • Greeting and Introducing Oneself
  • Invitation and Expressing Gratitude
  • Making Request
  • Complimenting and Congratulating
  • Expressing Sympathy
  • Apologizing
  • Asking for Information
  • Seeking Permission
  • Complaining and Expressing Regret
  • Accent Training

Batch Schedule

Batch Number Batch Description Commencement Date Day(s) Starts at Ends at Details