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Certificate in Spoken English

This certificate course provides an inclusive knowledge on communicating in English with iterative learning method. This course assists students to converse with competence and train them to use English Language for practical purposes. The students receives the certificate at the successful complication of the course.

Interactive Session:
The certificate course incorporates practical sessions with proper articulation of speech & interactive activities to develop students’ language skills.

The students are given a final PRESENTATION & FOUR SPEAKING TASKS at the end of the course. Based on the marks gained the students are given a common grading.

Features :

  • Learn effective communication skills to use in day to day conversations
  • Correct pronunciation practice
  • Group discussions to build your confidence
  • Night Class – specially designed for the working crowd who need to boost their articulation
  • For young and adult learners
  • To improve communicative competence of the learners
  • To enable the learners to converse in their life situations
  • To train the learners to use English for the practical purposes

Duration :

3 months

Training Mode :

Practical and interactive sessions

Fee :

Rs.16,000 (Installment plans available)

  • Using English in Real Life situations (Telephone etiquette, At a railway station, Booking a room in a hotel)
  • Sentence patterns
  • Role plays
  • Group discussions
  • Listening & Speaking
  • Language games to boost your confidence
  • Debates

Batch Schedule

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