English Courses

Improve your fluency, confidence and conversation skills with our most popular courses! Give yourself a practical understanding of the English language. You will focus on the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Improve your level and maximise your ability to use English.

We start with a free placement test to ensure that you are assigned to a class at the right level.

Learn real English

These courses will teach you how to use English in real-life situations. You will develop your understanding of grammar, vocabulary and idioms, and learn the secrets of perfect pronunciation. Through interesting and engaging lessons, you will practise the four skills of everyday English: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Improve your ‘thinking time’

‘Thinking time’ – The time it takes you to listen, understand and reply in English. On our General English course, you will shorten your thinking time, making it quicker for you to respond and improve your fluency.

Topic based lessons

Every lesson you take will be based on a specific topic or theme. The language skills and grammar are taught within the framework of the topic and serve to help you apply everything you have learned in a natural way. Simply put, you will learn the correct English to use in specific situations. There are plenty of opportunities to practise pronunciation and intonation. We create a relaxing environment where students are made comfortable to practise their English with a mix of foreign and local teachers and fellow students of various ethnic background .

Creative and energetic classes

Our teachers are qualified and experienced, and when it comes to creating lessons, they know what works. Classes are dynamic and motivating, designed to activate and build upon your strengths, whilst also giving focused attention to your weaker areas. We believe expert tuition in small groups, combined with an exciting leisure programme that stimulates the mind and body, sets the tone for a successful and pleasurable learning experience. Our courses have evolved over the years to provide students balancing learning with leisure and recognising that making friends and gaining confidence go hand-in-hand with the acquisition of language skills.

Learn by doing

At ESOFT we very much believe in students taking a full and active part in lessons. In other words, you will learn by doing. You can expect to take part in the lessons – there won’t be a moment when you are not directly involved.

Support from your teacher

Your teachers create a relaxed and informal classroom environment and are trained to deliver constant support, feedback and care throughout your time with us. This focus on support and encouragement will build your confidence as you advance towards fluency.

Authentic materials

As well as using text books, teachers supplement lessons with authentic resources such as newspapers, videos, internet and CD’s. All of which will give you a clearer understanding of how English is really used

Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded a certificate by Pearson Edexcel (UK) and ESOFT as well as a letter to your potential employers /learning institutions with a description of the course and your language skills in relation to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), a benchmark used by the British Council all over the world to assess English language skills.