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Information and communication technology (ICT) is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Sri Lanka. The workforce requirements to sustain this growth is one criterion that would ensure the sustainable growth of this sector. However, the local universities, funded by the government, can accommodate only a limited number of students every year for ICT education.

The University of Moratuwa is always cognizant of the demands of the world of work and identifying that there is a huge gap in the required ICT workforce in Sri Lanka, Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) External Degree was started to enhance opportunities to provide qualified industry ready IT graduates. This is a great opportunity for students since this program offers them a chance of graduating at a lower cost compared to foreign degrees offered by many institutions.

  • School leavers After A/L’s
  • IT Practitioner’s looking for IT Degree
  • Those who wish IT as a career path

Entry Requirements

  • Three passes in the G.C.E A/L examination in one sitting and a credit pass for Mathematics in the G.C.E O/L examination.
  • Any other academic qualification, equivalent to 1 or higher, approved by the senate on the recommendation of the faculty board.
  • Any other academic qualification from a professional institution approved by the senate on the recommendation of the faculty board.




3 Years (6 Semesters)

ESOFT Course Fee

Rs. 360,000 /=


Can be paid Year wise as follows:

Rs. 120,000/- X 3


Can be paid Semester wise as follows:

Rs. 60,000/- X 6


Semester wise payment can be paid monthly as follows:

(Rs. 20,000/- X 3) X 6 for 6 Semesters


University  Fee



Awarded by the University of  Moratuwa.

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Application Deadline : 14th August 2020


Batch Schedule

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